CIRM, Marseille

Birational geometry of complex algebraic varieties*

October 7-11, 2013


This conference will gather mathematicians working on differents aspects of complex algebraic geometry with a special emphasis on classification theory. During this week, the following topics related with birational geometry will be addressed: links between geometry and arithmetic, hyperbolicity, automorphisms groups, foliations, fundamental group and uniformisation, singularities, rationally connected varieties, moduli spaces of higher dimensional varieties.

Scientific Committee

Jean-Pierre Demailly, Mihai Păun, Thomas Peternell, Claire Voisin.

Practical informations

The conference will take place at the CIRM from October 7 to 11, 2013. To come to the CIRM, click here.
Accommodation fees will be covered by the CIRM and the conference. Travel costs are to be paid by participants themselves.

Speakers et Participants

List of speakers
List of participants


Schedule as well as titles and abstracts are finally available.
Here is the schedule.
And here you can fin the titles and abstracts of the talks.


The poster of the conference.


This conference benefits supports from CIRM, IUF, GDR GAGC and A.N.R. teams CLASS, MACK and Positive.


Benoît Claudon, Andréas Höring, Gianluca Pacienza, Matei Toma, Toru Tsukioka.
To contact us (and to register to the conference), send an email to:

(*) Organized in honour of Frédéric Campana